Superior Technology

Our patented technology allow for full processing from biomass to concentrate within a single 8 hour shift.

Increased Terpene Retention

Processing of fresh biomass facilitates the preservation of terpenes that would otherwise be lost during the drying and decarboxylation steps using competing extraction methods, resulting in:
2.5x higher terpene presence than the same biomass in dry form

Superior Cannabinoid Preservation

By utilizing mild processing steps (i.e. – low temperature and pressure), we preserve the high and low volatile compounds of the plant, while eliminating impurities in the final concentrates we offer.
Terpene Preservation Chart

Superior Cannabinoid Preservation

Our process takes place at a lower temperature and pressure than conventional extraction methods this preserves our more volatile cannabinoids. For this reason, our products have a higher concentration of acidic cannabinoids than traditional cannabis extracts. Impurities are removed from our final products using simple physical methods such as centrifugation opposed to harsh chemical treatments

Developed over decades of bio-refining experience, our proprietary technology simplifies the extraction process for a broad range of derivatives.

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Steps to Extraction

The TruCann™ extraction process eliminates a number of steps – such as drying, winterization and solvent recovery – which are required when using other extraction methods. This makes for a much quicker, more cost effective process which uses up to 90% less energy than other methods.
Extraction Steps Extraction 5 Steps

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TruCann™ Extracts are made with a state-of-the-art, low temperature,
natural enzyme plant extraction process resulting in exceptionally
clean and effective, full-profile plant extracts.